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PLANTEC - an untamed energy, wild and primitive dances, a completely immersive show with sounds from the 4 corners of the world….    

Major representatives of contemporary Breton music and pioneers of ‘mapping’ or use of video.The group PLANTEC create a hybrid acoustic music - an artistic sound and vision based on original compositions whilst maintaining the ADN of tradition as their trademark, but adding a modern vision.     

After the launch of their album KONTAKT in 2015, a cd/dvd of a live event recorded a the Interceltique Festival in Lorient in 2017, plus 200 concerts, tours in Europe, Africa and Asia, PLANTEC presented Hironaat (meaning hybrid in Breton), a new album of electronic trad music composed in Brittany with a limitless use of sounds.    

The trio offer us a 12 track album which includes sung compositions, and guest musicians from Japan, Burkino Faso, Finland and Brittany.     

With their powerful stage presence, the trio unites dancers of all generations in a ground-trembling, trance-like fusion. A ‘fest noz’ in four dimensions projecting the audience into a protean scenography and a heritage constantly re-experimenting its form.    

Since 2016 the band includes projection mapping in the show. The stage is transformed in a virtual new world.    


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Present & Past

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s HIRONAAT (2020)


PLANTEC presents its new studio album containing 12 brand new tracks with vocals and guests. Musicians and singers from Japan, Burkina Faso, Finland, Bretagne.   "HIRONAAT"

New Album "Kontakt" (2018)
New Album

CD/DVD Live in Lorient"

This live CD/DVD takes you in the wild, traditional and tribal universe of this unique band. A concert blending, Fest-noz (traditional night parties), dance and video projection, both during the biggest Celtic festival in the world.

New Album "Kontakt"/span>
New Album


After two years of touring, the trio have returned to the studio to record a new album, an album at the crossroads of acoustic and electronic sound,a sound which invokes a world without boundaries.

Best Of (2013)
Best Of

Best Of

In july 2013, for its 10th birthday, Plantec organized a Fest Noz (Ceili) with 18 of the most famous bands from Brittany and released a Best Of.

Awen (2012)


Back on stage with the duo in Peillac to support Free Bronkhorst imprisoned in Mexico, Yannick and Odran Plantec created their 7th album featuring an old friend, DjiBriL, as Keyborder & Electronic producer for a new formula in trio.

MeKaniK (2010)


From 2009 to 2010, the band composed « Mekanik ». Recorded in Lorient (FR) and mixed in Poland by Roli Mosimann, the Plantec music evolves to a mix between legends from Brittany and a contemporary urban universe. A rock album full of energy.

DVD Live (2009)
DVD Live

DVD Live

In 2008, Plantec played at the « Youank Festival» and made the walls of Rennes rumble. The DVD shows an exceptional concert with 6000 people dancing in that crazy festival. An unforgettable night.

A-Raok (2008)


Mael Lhopiteau joined the band as singer and harpist and the band recorded « A-Raok ». This album meant a turning point for the the band to an artistic development that led the band to play more and more in many various stages.

Plantec (2006)


Plantec met M-Kanik an Electronic Producer. The eponymous album Plantec recorded at « Le Passage à Niveaux » in Rennes was a symbol for Plantec to create a mix between tradition and modernity.

Reverzhi (2004)


Recorded in Mur de Bretagne (FR) and mixed by Pat o May, Reverzhi (« great equinox tide » in Breton language) is the first Plantec album as a quartet. (Guitar, Bombard, Biniou and Bass)



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